Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is from my photography page,

2012 was a great year, and I am very confident that 2013 will be even better! There are lots of changes coming around here- new camera, new lenses, new website, new logo, new techniques, new ideas, new locations, new services offered to clients, and there are a few surprises you'll have to stay tuned for. I am going to a few advanced workshops soon, and I can't wait to learn more! One is specifically for lighting and OCF (off camera flash) and photos look so awesome using OCF- so stay tuned for that!
My new site will include more information that on the blog, and you will find my current detailed pricing. I will have a link to my blog on my site, and since I'm not that fond of blogger I may be starting a new blog. If that is the case, it will be linked from my main site.
I am now booking session for spring- it's not too early to get a session booked. And just a hint- after my recent investments (in equipment/gear and workshops), prices may rise in the not so distant future- so take advantage of the current pricing!

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Post... Really?

Maybe no pics in this post... But yes, we are still alive and doing well.

I had to google our blog site, I kept thinking it was brettlyndsey but I was wrong- I thought they deleted our site for non use. lol so here is a recap-

WORK- Brett built a shop at our house earlier this year, and because he is so busy he is expanding it another 24+ feet long to accommodate. This is great news, and he is going to be mostly working from home, even better! We are so lucky and feel like we might actually get ahead in this crazy world!
My work- still working and loving my job. I have been there almost 4.5 yrs and am lucky to work at the place/with the people that I do- with plenty of perks!

Travel- There was a trip to Arizona in April, Camping at Green River in April, a week trip to the Mexican Riviera Maya- so awesome. We went on two separate Lake Powell trips (one with friends, one with family), and several camping trips. Up next? A trip to Arizona next week, then a trip to Vegas in Dec, then a week to Costa Rica in Jan- yay for that!

SUMMERTIME!- my favorite time of year. There was all the towns celebrations, some rodeos/barrel races, oh and boy did we Landscape! Over 10,000+ feet of new lawn, over 100 ton gravel delivered, 10+ load of landscape rocks, THOUSANDS of gallons of weed killer/sterilizer, a new riding arena. Boy has it been a lot of work, but it is looking sooo good (we better stay a while). We have so much more to do and are running out of good weather.

Riding- we added another horse to our stash- "Little" came in July and came partly for a kids horse. We were lucky to have my nieces down every Tuesday and Wed to come ride horses. Not only was it fun for them, but we loved having a fun sleepover and staying up late (don't tell their dad lol). Since "Little" is an all around horse, I am running barrels on him, Brett's roped on him, he does cutting, 4-H, and he's only 10. So here's to feeding 5 horses.... at record hay prices.... sigh.

Friends and Family- We have celebrated a few baptisms (Maycee and Lacy), weddings (Congrats Stacie and Parley), trips with family. I was lucky enough once again to celebrate my birthday with my family on our houseboat at Lake Powell.
We have had tons of fun with friends (new and old), and am lucky to have my BFF home from Colorado- finally!

New Car- Oh, here's a lovely story. I have had my Nissan Maxima forever! I have loved it, but after 3 very noticeable dents (one a hit and run... really?), a broken spoiler, low tires, corroding rims, broken antennas, no radio, bad air, no back seat cussions, broken trunk, check engine light constantly on, dog paint paws on my black leather seats.... and $1200 to fix in order to register the damn thing??? I think not- so I FINALLY broke down and bought a new car. Boy was it deserved, and I was loving it until a girl didn't bother to stop with traffic and rear-ended me 3 wks after having it... really?  So it spent the next month in the shop- just sitting there with the new tags on.... ughhh. And since then I have had two low tires, bad alignment (from the wreck), some sensor damage, etc.    Serves me right for trying to get a new car.

My photography business is definitely growing. I need to do more advertising and promoting, but for doing it part time with not much advertising, I am pleased with how the last year has been. There are some awesome new techniques I have been learning about, and have a fun course next week I'm taking. I love it! So spread the word and keep me busy! FOXTOGRAPHY BY LC- find me on facebook or

Anyway, I think that is about the majority of our lives lately. We are doing well and are loving our crazy lives, but are forever grateful for our friends, family, and whoever else contributes to our lives. We definitely have our ups and downs, but we're having fun trying to figure it all out.
Until next time-
Oh, I can't believe I forgot to mention Bryan (our dog)- he is doing great, and he is quite a poser (if you can't tell). In order to make ends meet, we will rent  him out for family photos.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I haven't posted about Brett's business for a while. We have been wanting a new website (our last one was done by some people that ran off with our money and left us hanging....).  Anyway, please check out his website at
 Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts

 Private Kitchen in a Cabin in Utah

 AFTER picture of a Cabinet Refinish

Bank in Sonoma Calif

Brett is so talented about what he does and delivers an awesome product. Call him for any wood finishing or cabinet refinishing needs.

Catch up

I promise to play catch up with photos from the last few months. I hate when blogs only write lots of stuff, I prefer pictures.

So until then, Please check out and "LIKE" my Facebook page, Foxtography by LC to see current work, and check out my blog at
My photography business is definitely growing, as is my knowledge. Photography is so awesome because it is very subjective, and there is always a TON of stuff to learn. Hopefully it will continue in this direction and I thank everyone that has helped me out with this venture.

Here is Krytina, a very stunning bride. I can't wait to shoot their wedding next month at Louland Falls.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Haha, no clue about blogging!

Hmmm, when I find my pics that I just spent 20 minutes uploading I will let you know- I have fallen off the bloggin bandwagon- and they seemed to change it to a more sophisticated format....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I love my Valentine!

What a great husband! :) And I even scored a handwritten note!

Our whole Valentine's Day goodies, thanks to everyone who made it so awesome.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Warning- Picture Overload!!!

Ok, you were warned. I am trying to catch up, and this is the worst time to be doing so because December (as always) was a crazy busy month. We are so lucky to be able to spend so much time with so much family and friends, and we look forward to it all year.

We were able to go to Phoenix to celebrate Shalice's big 30th Birthday. She and Dusty came to San Diego for mine, and she told me 6 months ago that this would be a party not to miss... and it wasn't.

These photos are in no particular order.

Shalice 50+ people there (if you know Shalice you shouldn't be surprised because she is the most social person ever), and Dusty did an Asian theme with dinner. Homemade lettuce wraps, spring rolls, wontons, asian drinks, and of course cake!

Here is the Birthday girl preparing for her big party!

Laura and Nolan on New Years. Can't wait for our Riviera Maya trip with them in May.

Me and Jenny on New Years, they are also going with us in May! Super awesome friends!

We hosted a cocktail/mocktail party at our house with a bunch of friends and it was so much fun. We are lucky to have such great company.

Me and my bestie Crystal

Me and Brett on Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Ahhh, the gift that keeps on giving- I was hoping these would be handy! Oh and they LOVED them!!!! I think? The IPhone 4S doesn't have anything on these babies...

Shalice and her new beach cruiser

Brett and his dad

Stacie and Parley

Jen and Zipper - haha. She is a good sport because she has outfits for EVERYTHING! You should see her on Halloween.

My mom and Freds talent show. It's pretty fun to see how good all the grandkids are doing. And Tate nearly steals the show every year playing the Cello.

Ever the baker, Becky made 9 different types of cookies for the party. Have I ever mentioned she loves to bake? If you're ever looking for some "sweet" catering, give her a call- she is amazing! I don't think I have a pic of all the cookies.

The big Gift exhange at my moms- it even gets a little heated at times... Oh the Holidays!

Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl

My stupid computer won't rotate these for the blog, but this is me with my grandparents. It is always fun to visit with them while we are in AZ. And we were in luck because my granparents have about a dozen orange trees, some pecan trees, and a pomegranate plant or tree (?).

So of course we loaded up!

My grandpa getting us some fresh oranges. Oh, and they were sooo yummy. Big thanks to them for having us over to visit for the afternoon.

Brett and grandpa bagging the goods.

How cute is this? Reece got a new rocking horse, cowboy boots (which she won't take off), and a cool cowboy hat from Santa Clause. So much fun at Christmas with the nieces and nephews.

Us at my work Christmas Party. I am very lucky to have a great job, a great boss, and my co-workers are the best!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, here's to 2012! Can't wait to see what this year brings us!